Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Services Done Right

Aircraft X-RAY Inspection Services

General Aviation Annual Inspections and General Maintenance

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Inspection Includes:

  1. Open & Close aircraft
  2. Drain & refill oil
  3. Compression Check
  4. Clean, gap & test spark plugs
  5. Check Magneto timing
  6. Jack A/C cycle & check gear system
  7. Grease Wheel Bearings
  8. Lube A/C – Hinges, pulleys, etc.

Inspection Does Not Include:

(All repairs subject to additional time and materials.)

  1. Oil and filter change
  2. Replacement of parts
  3. Any Discrepancies
  4. Compliance of A.D., S.B., etc.
  5. Research logs all create required documents

Pre-Purchase Inspection – Subject to time and materials.

Blackhawk Aircraft Maintenance (BAM)
is Now Producing FAA-PMA Approved Parts


FAA-PMA BAM 404-185918 Cowl Lug Beech D18
FAA-PMA BAM18S5921-1 Cowl Bracket Beech D18
FAA-PMA BAM18S5921-2 Cowl Bracket Beech D18
N.O.S.18S9150 - Carburetor Heat Box D18 or C45 Series

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